Hannah Collins
Gilbert & George
Richard Wentworth
Francis Alys
Hilla Becher
Stanley Brown
Patrick Caulfield
Richard Deacon
Walker Evans
Barry Flanagan
Anya Gallaccio
Andreas Gursky
Tim Head
Lisa Milroy
Mariele Neudecker
Rachel Whiteread
Bill Woodrow
Margret Barron
Basil Beattie
Dan Flavin
Philip Guston
Pedro Moitinho
Julian Opie
Sigmar Polke
Kathy Prendergast
Simon Starling
Thinking Aloud

9 April - 30 May 1999

Richard Wentworth is well known for his acute observations of our man-made environments, and for sculptures which deftly transpose the meaning of everyday objects. Thinking Aloud is assembled from an extraordinary range of sources, brining together tentative ‘first thoughts’ of designers, architects and inventors, with contemporary works of art and a diverse selection of objects from other spheres.

Thinking Aloud is an exhibition of eclectic choices and provocative juxtapositions. As Richard Wentworth says: “Various threads run through the exhibition, questions of size and scale, of how we give meaning to things, how we share value, how thoughts become ideas become realities.” The artist’s enquiring eye ranges over patents, prototypes, models and maps; a selection of a briefing model for the D-Day Normandy landings: a prosthetic hand from the Charing Cross Hospital; a process by the American architect Frank Gehry.

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Artsis in the exhibition include: Francis Alys, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Brassai, Stanley Brown, Patrick Caulfield, Hannah Collins, Richard Deacon, Walker Evans, Barry Flanagan, Anya Gallaccio, Gilbert & George, Andreas Gursky, Tim Head, Lisa Milroy, Mariele Neudecker, Rachel Whiteread and Bill Woodrow.

This National Touring Exhibition has evolved with new works added at each venue. Works by Margret Barron, Basil Beattie, Dan Flavin, Philip Guston, Pedro Moitinho, Julian Opie, Sigmar Polke, Kathy Prendergast and Simon Starling are among those that join the exhibition at Camden Arts Centre.

A National Touring Exhibition from The Hayward Gallery