Christian Nyampeta

18 May - 24 September 2017

Residency artist Christian Nyampeta’s work develops an artistic and theoretical enquiry into contemporary African/a philosophy and the ascetic practices of the late antiquities.

Nyampeta is interested in what it means to be human and the subtleties that lie in the multiplicity of meanings within words, their origins and the space of contemplation and discussion that can occur with the removal of a fixed state. For his residency, he will gather a working group to translate excerpts of untranslated key French texts from African philosophers and writers. He will also spend his time reflecting on his recent dialogues with philosophers, writers, artists and researchers he has been working with over the past few months. This will manifest in a series of online audio transmissions made available to the public as he works towards his forthcoming exhibition.

This residency is the first to be supported by our recently established Artists for Artists Fund.

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