Practice 360°: Ethics, Extremism and Compromise

18 March 2015

Wednesday 18 March 
6.30 - 8.00pm

Practice 360° is a series of talks for artists, considering the edges around what defines contemporary art practice. How can lifestyle, family and money have presence within the working lives of artists?

Ever since her early works, such as Eat 22 (for which she photographed everything she ate for a year), there has been a blurring between Ellie Harrison’s life and work, and an ongoing struggle to balance the two. Over the last six years, as her work has become more politicised, she has developed ever more extreme systems and rules to enable her to live her values (minimise her impact on the world) and be as efficient as possible (maximise her work time) – pushing out all unnecessary objects and relationships as a result. In this talk, as part of the Practice 360° series, she will discuss how this rational path of continual ‘progress’ became ultimately, ironically, ‘unsustainable’, and how at a certain point she had to try to learn to compromise in order to survive.

In partnership with Artquest. Artquest provides practical support to visual artists throughout their careers.

Tickets: £4 

Ellie Harrison was born in London in 1979 and now lives and works in Glasgow. She describes her practice as emerging from an ongoing attempt to strike-a-balance between the roles of ‘artist’, ‘activist’ and ‘administrator’.

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