Niels Van Tomme and Pascal Gielen
Aesthetic Justice - Intersecting Artistic and Moral Perspectives

In this publication, sociologist Pascal Gielen and curator Niels Van Tomme invite a variety of artists and critical thinkers to reflect on new futures for the notion and practice of justice. Launching the proposition of ‘aesthetic justice’, the book offers thought-provoking views on the ways in which works of art may confront, and potentially redirect social and political imaginaries. Using analyses of contemporary art works that challenge the social, political or economic status quo, as well as interviews with artists and theoretical reflections, the book suggests alternatives for a more just future. It does so by considering the liberating potential of specific aesthetic frameworks used in a wide variety of artistic contexts, ranging from the visual arts to cinema, from music to theatre, and by exploring novel modes that can shape the emotionally charged concept of justice, and eventually transform it.
Contributors: Zoe Beloff, Arne De Boever, Mark Fisher, Matt Fraser, Pascal Gielen, Tessa Overbeek, Kerry James Marshall, Viktor Missiano, Carlos Motta, Nat Muller, Julie Atlas Muz, Gerald Raunig, Dieter Roelstraete, Hito Steyerl, Julia Svetlichnaja, Hakan TopalNiels Van Tomme, Samuel Vriezen, Christian Wolff

Published by Valiz