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Serena Korda
There’s A Strange Wind Blowing

Published to accompany the exhibition There's A Strange Wind Blowing at Tintype Gallery 23 September - 30 October 2010

"Storytelling lies at the heart of my work, developed out of encounters, conversations and the discovery of abandoned histories.” - Serena Korda

There’s a Strange Wind Blowing is both the title of the show and of a puppet performance that Korda has developed.

The narrative hinges on a fictional meeting on a mountain-top between two ‘real’ characters, the mountaineer Annie Smith Peck and Walt Disney. As Disney pontificates on the beauty of the mountain and what a magnificent theme park it would make, Smith Peck searches for her guide who is lost in the snow.

The performance is housed in a 1940s household kitchen cabinet that becomes a Wunderkammer of surprise and illusion.

Tintype Galllery 2010