Artists’ Editions

Tommaso Corvi-Mora
Untitled, 2016 - SOLD OUT

Produced alongside the Making & Unmaking exhibition, 2016

Edition of 8 (unique pieces) 
Edition 1 - 4: stoneware clay, porcelain slip, transparent glaze
Edition 5 - 8: porcelain, stoneware slip, transparent glaze
Size: approx. 15 x 15 x 15cm (variable)

This edition further articulates the combination of dark brown clay and porcelain, as in the artworks exhibited in Making & Unmaking. The series is made up of eight pots in total, four porcelain and four brown stoneware clay. The four pieces with a brown body and the porcelain stain immediately connect to the works in the exhibition. The other four pieces, porcelain body and brown stain, are negative versions of these. The stain is made by hitting the side of the pot with a brush just once. Tommaso Corvi-Mora allowed the slip to run as it wanted to. The brown stoneware pieces are rougher and more 'imperfect' and the porcelain pieces are intended to be neater. These different finishes were dictated by the different materials.

As postage and packaging requirements are different for each edition, these costs are not added when purchasing online. As soon as the Bookshop receives your order we will email you to discuss the requirements for posting your edition.

Edition prices will increase as they sell out.

Photos of the edition by Hydar Dewachi

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